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Better Ways to Budget When Moving House

Moving house can be a pain. There are the logistics of transporting your entire life to a new property. With this comes significant costs attached at many points in the process. You need to organise movers, get empty boxes and clean areas of your home you’d forgotten about. The costs can often rise painfully above initial expectations. There is a way to stick to your budget when moving house.

With a few great tips, though, this does not have to be the case. In this blog, Swoosh demonstrates a few handy hints that can save you a good amount of money when it comes to moving time. Read on to find out what they are!

Efficiently organising the move

Removalists are without a doubt an expensive commitment but are often seen as a necessary cost. Getting from your old house to a new one in a small car is an impossibility, which is why so many people resort to these pricey removalists.

The best strategy is to start packing in the lead up to the move. Then you can hire a van and get most of the work done in a single day.

Either borrowing or renting a van for a day is a much more financially friendly way to go about moving. This way, you can load large and bulky objects much more easily and quickly than using your everyday vehicle. Get your friends to help if they’re willing and make a day of it. Remember to reward them with a nice thank you like wine or food. You’ll still be within your budget when moving house, plus you can enjoy it with them!

Managing future big costs

In case there is some kind of rent overlap, or you are yet to receive your bond back from your old house, being prepared for these cost overlaps is important. This is especially the case if you don’t have any emergency funds, as you might see yourself financially stranded.

Simple money management tips can help in saving in the long term, but moving is also a perfect time to have a garage sale, which means less things you need to move and more money!

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Restocking fridge and pantry

With a change in scenery comes a need for a full pantry. Having left your old house, your fridge would have likely been cleaned out and the long-expired boxes of food in the crevices of your pantry discarded. Not being left with much requires more than a few trips to the grocery store, and these large food shops can quickly rack up equally large bills.

The best way to approach this is to try and eat through your food supply in the lead up to the move. Take stock of what you have in your fridge and pantry and plan your meals around those ingredients. Try to buy as little as possible during this period.

Although you might feel like throwing everything out to start fresh is the most instinctive option, it is far from the cheapest. Moving your food where possible, particularly non-perishables, is a great way to save money. If the dusty food containers in the corners of your pantry are still in date, take them along with you and finish them before you buy new food. Moving food might not necessarily be cost-effective in your situation, though. Make sure to weigh up the pros and cons and see if its right in your circumstance.

Delay purchases

If you love online shopping, cut it out in the few weeks before you move. You’ll just have more stuff to move! Not only will you save money on your shopping habits, but you can also reward yourself with a little shopping spree once the move is done.

Finding affordable moving boxes

There are a variety of companies that sell reinforced cardboard boxes for moving, and these are usually very handy. They’re also very expensive. Saving any useful boxes in the leadup to your move is a great idea to help you be prepared. This will help keep you under budget when moving house, plus is better for the enviroment.

If you can’t find boxes under normal circumstances, local supermarkets usually have boxes they’re happy to donate. Because these are used to carry often heavy food products, they are often strong. It’s also useful checking with friends and family, particularly if they have also moved recently and have some boxes lying around.

Making moving easier

Even with these tips, the costs of moving can often provide some expensive surprises. If you’re in need of an easy secured loan quickly, Swoosh are here to help. Follow our simple application process to find if you’re eligible, and we’ll do the rest. Take the stress out of moving today!