Need fast cash to hold you over or pay an unexpected bill? Maybe you were invited for exciting weekend plans or got hit with an unfortunate car repair. Whatever the reason, we’re here to get you the extra cash you need — and fast.

Our speedy application process

We’ve worked hard to make our online application as easy and as fast as possible.

It’s so user-friendly, applications usually take less than 5 minutes.

Why use a fast cash loan?

Fast cash loans are popular for a reason.

They allow you to get quick cash for important things like:

  • Unexpected bills (like medical expenses or car repairs)
  • Family emergencies
  • Weekend plans and holiday travel
  • Educational training programs
  • Home improvements or repairs
  • And much more

No matter the circumstance, we’re here to get you the necessary funds as quickly as possible.

How fast are we talking?

We know you need the money now, and we’re here to make that happen.

Loan approval usually comes within one hour if an application is completed during normal business hours.

Once a contract is signed electronically, we’ll deposit the funds directly into your bank account.

If you return your contract by 3:30pm AEST, your funds will be transferred overnight.

That’s right: Swoosh is all about speed!

Fast cash loans

Fast cash loan eligibility

We’re here to make life a little less stressful.

That’s why we only require 4 criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a permanent Australian resident
  • Be employed at least 3 months
  • Own a vehicle registered in your name, with no finance owing or encumbrances

If you meet these requirements, apply online now for a speedy answer.

Remember that applications can be paused or stopped at any time — there are no obligations and no application costs.

Our hassle-free process

We keep things straightforward at Swoosh.

There are only 3 steps to our process:

Complete an online application on your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Applications usually take less than 5 minutes.

Approval of your loan is provided within 60 minutes (during business hours). The decision will arrive promptly — right in your inbox.

After approval, an offer is sent to you via email. Once you’ve reviewed the details and signed the contract, we’ll send the money directly to your bank!

Loan amount $2,000 to $5,000
Application fee $0
Establishment fee $400
Annual interest rate 48%
Term length 12 to 24 months
Debit dishonour fee (if a scheduled payment is returned unpaid) $35.00
Repayment options Weekly, fortnightly or monthly (based on your pay schedule)

Interest rate details

Interest is calculated daily based on the outstanding balance and it’s applied monthly to your account. Daily interest rates are computed by dividing the annual interest rate by 365.

Why customers love Swoosh

Unlike other digital lenders, Swoosh puts you first.

Customers prefer Swoosh because:

  • Our online application is fast and simple (3-5 minutes)
  • We offer consistently speedy approval
  • We are reliable and on-time with payments
  • We use the latest and safest banking technology
  • Our service is 100% online (that’s right: no paperwork hassle!)
  • Our Customer care team is friendly and always ready to help

If you’re not sure if Swoosh is right for you, contact our Customer care team today with questions or concerns.

A truly responsible lender

At Swoosh, we keep you top of mind.

We only approve your application if we believe you have the ability to repay the loan.

And we always practice responsible, reliable, and trustworthy lending — because it’s the right thing to do.

In addition, every application is reviewed by professional (human!) assessors who issue approvals based on responsible lending criteria.

Online, reliable service

With us, there are no lines, no hefty paperwork, and no worries.

Everything is done 100% online — including signing the contract.

Our experienced team members know how to get you fast cash — without any hassle.

Swoosh payments are always on-time and direct deposited into your bank account.

Fast cash loans

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If you have any questions or want to discuss your personal circumstance with a professional, reach out to our Customer care team today.

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