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Bad Credit Loans for Australian Customers

Bad credit follows tens of thousands of Australians around for years, often being the result of no fault of their own. Even these unfortunate financial situations and can prove very hard to repair, depending on how severe the bad credit score might be. For those who find themselves in a financially secure position after a history of bad credit, it can prove very difficult to secure a loan.

Rather than focusing on your bad credit history, Swoosh instead carefully examine your current financial situation. We do this by inspecting bank statements and Centrelink statements (if relevant) and offer a loan based solely on this information. It is in this way that we can offer those with unfortunate histories a second chance to get the loan they need.

Getting your loan fast

We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where money was needed fast. For some, it just isn’t possible to get it as quickly as you should. In instances where emergency funds are required quickly, such as for a bond or emergency car repairs, bad credit has the power to seriously affect an individuals’ livelihood. This is how loans from Swoosh carry such value – rather than being rejected by the big banks for money you need right now, we can help you on the way to your own personal security. We offer guaranteed approval on loans applications with bad credit for Australians who need assistance fast.

What is bad credit?

Having bad credit is the negative impact of credit management, whether it be due to personal loans, credit cards or similar. This mismanagement may have been completely out of your hands, which makes the lasting impact of a bad credit score all the more unfair.

Values assigned to credit scores, ranging from 0 to 1200, determine a credit rating. Good credit is typically credit above a score of 620, while anything below can be considered bad credit. The lower the number, the worse the credit.

What Swoosh can do for Australians with bad credit

We want to assure those with bad credit that our loans are very much based on your current situation, rather than your historical one.

We can offer bad credit loans from $2,000 to $5,000 for applications that qualify. Applications are made easy with our advanced online application system – requests are able to be completed in minutes, and approval follows very shortly after. There’s no simpler way to get guaranteed approval loans for bad credit applications.

If you have a bad credit history and are seeking a loan, get in touch with Swoosh today. Our friendly advisers can walk you through the easy application process and have you on the way to securing the loan you deserve.

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