Bad Credit Loans Australia

Bad credit follows tens of thousands of Australians around for years, often being the result of no fault of their own. Even these unfortunate financial situations and can prove very hard to repair, depending on how severe the bad credit score might be. For those who find themselves in a financially secure position after a history of bad credit, it can prove very difficult to secure a loan.

Rather than focusing on your bad credit history, Swoosh instead carefully examine your current financial situation. We do this by inspecting bank statements and Centrelink statements (if relevant) and offer a loan based solely on this information. It is in this way that we can offer those with unfortunate histories a second chance to get the bad credit loan they need.

Getting your loan fast

We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where money was needed fast. For some, it just isn’t possible to get it as quickly as you should. In instances where emergency funds are required quickly, such as for a bond or emergency car repairs, bad credit has the power to seriously affect an individuals’ livelihood. This is how loans from Swoosh carry such value – rather than being rejected by the big banks for money you need right now, we can help you on the way to your own personal security. We offer guaranteed approval on loans applications with bad credit for Australians who need assistance fast.

What is bad credit?

Having bad credit is the negative impact of credit management, whether it be due to personal loans, credit cards or similar. This mismanagement may have been completely out of your hands, which makes the lasting impact of a bad credit score all the more unfair.

Values assigned to credit scores, ranging from 0 to 1200, determine a credit rating. Good credit is typically credit above a score of 620, while anything below can be considered bad credit. The lower the number, the worse the credit.

What Swoosh can do for Australians with bad credit

We want to assure those with bad credit that our loans are very much based on your current situation, rather than your historical one.

We can offer bad credit loans from $2,000 to $5,000 for applications that qualify. Applications are made easy with our advanced online application system – requests are able to be completed in minutes, and approval follows very shortly after. There’s no simpler way to get guaranteed approval loans for bad credit applications, and there are no hidden fees and charges.

If you have a bad credit history and are seeking a loan, get in touch with Swoosh today. Our friendly advisers can walk you through the easy application process and have you on the way to securing the loan you deserve.

Paul Taylor
12:01 10 Dec 19
Quick and manageable loans. Great service and understanding. Would highly recommended.
Katie & Mark Nutting
11:08 10 Dec 19
I have had 2 loans through swoosh finance and both times it was quick and easy if I ever need another loan I would definitely go back to them first
John Trudgett
05:15 10 Dec 19
Excellent service
runn sheep
05:04 10 Dec 19
Grear customer service. Would highly recommend
Melanie Rankine
05:00 10 Dec 19
dale walklate
10:16 22 Nov 19
Thank you so much Swoosh I haven’t had aircon in my car for ages because it was gonna cost to much, to get fixed but if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have it now! Well done and thank you for your help I appreciate it so much 😊
hayden fairbanks
09:03 27 Aug 19
I could not ask for more what an excellent service , very helpful staff. Helps me a lot when I need a cash so bad i would recommend this loan company anywhere very good, thank you very much for the help 😊
Nol Plaza
22:38 13 Aug 19
Love u guys. I was in a desperate situation and got rejected from other lenders. So my hope was down to zero until I came across Swoosh and they approved me for $2600. Helpful staff and very polite over the phone. Thank you once again Swooshie.
Christian Eli
08:33 25 Jul 19
Always Great to work With Approved my 3rd Loan With Swoosh and Always On point Doesnt Matter what Anyone says this Company Is the Best In Small Loans Always going that Extra Mile For their Customers No matter What I recommend This Company To anyone Doesnt matter what situation You are in You will be Satisfied With There service aslong as You make Your Repayments Back you will be Satisfied With them
H tait
07:20 15 Jul 19
Domi Raymond
04:08 09 Jul 19
Swoosh is wonderful to deal with very helpful and wonderful to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone money was in really fast and I was approved quite fast thank you
Kylee Nunn
03:35 09 Jul 19
Extremely good service , fast , understanding and very good communication . When i needed to postpone or move a payment they were so helpful . Very affordable repayments .I would recommend them too anyone and i have already to family and friends.
paul carruthers
01:08 09 Jul 19
Very Quick and helped when I needed help. Thanks alot Swoosh team!!!
Sheemal Goundar
07:39 29 May 19
great loans
08:28 23 May 19
Would definitly recommend..Very professional to deal with. Also very fast processins time. Well done Team Swoosh
Anoano Lolohea
21:33 16 May 19
Swoosh have always been very helpful. great communication and quick process. reccomend to others definitely
Rada Man
00:02 15 May 19
Great business and great staff
Brendan Bush
02:43 13 May 19
Great friendly fast service
Kellie Jones
07:25 09 May 19
I have poor credit but swoosh never asked Q I got $2100 and got back on my feet asap with cheap repayment thanks guys
chris kell
12:47 25 Apr 19
Macey is a credit to the company, thanks for an easy transaction.
Emma Bell
03:13 17 Apr 19
The lass that processed my last Loan was great - I think her name was Lisa but don't quote me there as it was a little while ago. She went out of her way to assist me in getting the Loan processed as quickly as possible. I was very grateful & thus happy to do this review - the chance at $200 Free didn't hurt either!
Belinda Scully
03:53 12 Apr 19
Very friendly and efficient with their comms. The process was made a lot easier by the friendly staff.
Samantha Fegan
22:59 07 Apr 19
Great service very helpful staff
bradley braddles
05:46 03 Apr 19
Renee Parker
03:21 03 Apr 19
I needed money in a hurry for a car repair. They looked after me. Give them a go.
Pepe the Frog
11:31 18 Mar 19
I have had a loan with Swoosh for almost a year now and I find their customer service to be of a very high standard, I have had some health issues and had to alter my payments from time to time they have always accommodating.I would highly recommend them if you need that small loan that the banks won't give you.
Jaci Morris
04:34 14 Mar 19
Can’t thank you guys enough. First time applying with you and it was an easy process, hassle free! You guys are amazing at what you do Will be highly recommending you to friends and family that’s for sure
Belinda Gillman
04:50 12 Mar 19
Always very helpful and flexible and always there to assist.. Highly recommend
Amy Warren
04:54 28 Feb 19
Swoosh is a fantastic company if you require some financial assistance. They are helpful from the moment of application right through until your loan is repaid. Great company to do business with and great staff. Thank you swoosh!
Jess L
23:10 23 Feb 19
Swoosh are willing to help when no one will they don't judge they give you a second chance. They are always happy to help with a smile in there .
Joanna Joannou
05:06 08 Feb 19
Elisar Henah
03:01 08 Feb 19
First class service. A quick and easy process to comply with. Highly recommended.
Mark Donnelly
07:12 06 Feb 19
The best ever you should definitely trust these guys they will help and give you the best offer you can ask for.
Margie Fitu
23:59 03 Feb 19
Highly recommended lender and they really help you when you need it. Very affordable easy to work with. I've recommended to many friends.
Karl Suchislife
03:49 30 Jan 19
Friendly service and understanding people help anyway possible. Best loan company to go through.
Jason Hagen
05:20 29 Jan 19
Really good service, hassle free and great response time. Only my second secured loan but by far easiest, thanks to the girls on live chat! Thanks girls, thanks swoosh!
Ben Hewson
04:57 29 Jan 19
Kate Alcock
04:15 29 Jan 19
Really reliable customer service and easy to contact and communicate with 🙂
Mitchell Pittard
04:03 29 Jan 19
trish watts
06:58 25 Jan 19
Swoosh were helpful and fast I recommend their services to anybody who needs a loan.
Teresa Herring
02:14 20 Jan 19
They are absolutely fantastic and professional! Helped me out when I needed it the most and the money came through very quickly ! The repayments are a reasonable price and they are always there too help with any question , will recommend to anyone needed a loan!
Sarah Farrell
04:50 18 Jan 19
Merinda Smith
14:01 16 Jan 19
While struggling financially during the busiest and most costly time of year with unexpected car problems I found Swoosh finance to be the best option for me. The process was so simple and fast and I was back on track within a couple of days. I cannot rave enough about what fantastic service I had and how refreshing it is to have a financial loan process so simple and easy and have the money in my account, available to me all in 1 day! I would highly recommend Swoosh finance to anyone struggling with an unexpected cost and needing a fast loan.
Amanda Clauser
05:19 15 Jan 19
Fast same day processing for our BOND loan - thank you!
Charlie Younger
04:52 15 Jan 19
Fantastic company great product fantastic communication fast friendly
Nicholas barton
05:46 14 Jan 19
Fast approval, great customer service and communication
A Google User
05:05 11 Jan 19
Really easy and convenient and great to deal with. So quick - recommended!
Elysia Schultz
03:54 11 Jan 19
Lauren Johnstone
12:30 09 Jan 19
The application process was simple and straightforward, instructions were clear as to what was required from me to support my application and once approved, it was just a matter of transferring the funds to my bank account. Couldn't be happier and would recommend to everyone. p.s I don't have the greatest credit record yet, but they looked at me favourably. Thank you.
Ed & Cushla Benedict
12:41 20 Dec 18
Wonderful firm with such amazing and understanding staff. Application process to receiving funds such a simple and easy process to follow. I would highly recommend using Swoosh Finance before you look anywhere else
Katjw Woolley
04:22 20 Dec 18
I found them very understanding and patient and help with lowering your loans when your in financial need . Thank you for all your help in 2018
Airalee Barry
04:45 18 Dec 18
Great service, fast approvals and easy to apply cheer swoosh
Dan Hudson
06:52 14 Dec 18
Very simple and easy to apply, friendly and helpful service. Love the monthly statements, helps me keep track of where I’m up to on my loan. Highly recommend!
Narelle Smith
03:34 14 Dec 18
Swoosh finance are amazing they bent over backwards to help me and it was at a time l needed the money Craig
Craig Green
02:18 14 Dec 18
Fast and easy and great customer service
Lynette Perry
00:15 14 Dec 18
chey farrell
23:41 13 Dec 18
They are the best!So nice and welcoming and their service is fast and secure!The explain all to you and make sure you understand!100% recommend
Andrea Londono
11:02 13 Dec 18
Despite working for one of the big banks, I would consider Swoosh before approaching any of them for help, and it's all due to one factor: Customer service. I have now had two loans with Swoosh, and both times the application process was fast and easy, the terms and conditions clear and concise, and the customer service provided by their team went above and beyond.If you need cash quickly and are concerned about the bad name that small lenders have, then I would advise giving Swoosh a go: they are head and shoulders above every other lender in Australia at the moment.
Count Doogula
03:43 13 Dec 18
Nathan Joannou
02:50 13 Dec 18
You will not find a better finance company to deal with.100% professionalism and a pleasure to speak with.6/5 stars in all aspects.
hamish nielsen
02:43 13 Dec 18
Very quick and easy. Was granted and awarded within 24 hours. Very helpful with Christmas 13 days away!.
lisa sturgiss
03:21 10 Dec 18
Very fast response time and great to deal with
Lisa Finneran
23:34 09 Dec 18
Highly recommended very great service ,very prompt and easy process.
Leroy Light
06:26 07 Dec 18
No problems with them
Jeffrey Rees
03:55 07 Dec 18
Very nice staff good services best sawoosh
Mukhtar Ali
02:39 07 Dec 18
Very helpful when I really needed the loan. I highly recommend Swoosh to anyone looking for a quick and stress free loan without all the hassle you get from other lenders. thanks Swoosh
David Hart
02:31 07 Dec 18
14:47 06 Dec 18
Swoosh are always happy to help whether it be 500 or 2000 dollars or even more. Thanks for doing exactly what you say you will.
Mick svoboda
03:27 06 Dec 18
Best service easy online application would highly recommend x
Olly Hughes
14:57 02 Dec 18
Jeremy Duxbury
04:17 02 Dec 18
I had a great experience with Swoosh. I was in a bit of a pickle and they were able to help me. Really easy and quick and amazing customer service. If you are ever in need of quick cash with easy repayments pick swoosh
Andrea Seymour
22:18 30 Nov 18
Swoosh has been amazing especially through a tough time when I've needed the extra finance to get me through with great customer service and support. Would recommend to anyone.
Tam Ingram
04:26 30 Nov 18
Fast and easy online application. I has my money in the bank within the hour. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a loan. Thank you Swoosh!
Mayzee Wells
01:41 30 Nov 18
Great service , fantastic people who are consistent and helpful .
19:34 29 Nov 18
Highly recommend Swoosh they helped me out when I needed it and have had no trouble with them. They are fantastic!!
Bryan Connor
01:06 29 Nov 18
i will like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about the services. at the time i need a help i try alot of firm but unsuccessful but when i found this service and my first time apply for a small loan. i am telling you the truth. they quickly response to my application and as for documents the need to support my application and they give me the amount i need straight away without asking for my bank statement and not much documents they need.... and i say thank you very much for your help also the customer services i really appreciate.... and i wish you a merry xmas and happy new. ........
laasaga neli
09:19 28 Nov 18
Swoosh finance is very understanding when it come to my application when i need a small loan An the application process is quick an easy Then the outcomes is comes as possible the answer straight away like one minutes I gives my rate big 100% an big 5star on it I recommend everyone to used swoosh when applying swoosh an your not disappoint Daylin
07:39 28 Nov 18
Swoosh made borrowing a small loan so easy when no one else would even consider me, but they worked through it with me and helped me out of a tricky situation and made the repayments so affordable and offer constant support! would recommend anyone to use them!
Daniel Sharpe
05:12 28 Nov 18
Easy process and fantastic customer service. Highly recommend.
Scott Supple
03:44 28 Nov 18
Had a really great experience when trying to reapply for a top up on my current loan. Xmas and bills at the same time could have been a disaster not now Andrew had helped me. 🙂 - Alyse Nicholson (not Rhiannon)
Rhino Tank
04:26 27 Nov 18
Thank you Swoosh for hearing my situation out and for helping me the loan request.No one else gave me a chance, so thank you again, so grateful!
Neese Ice
03:36 27 Nov 18
Totally great company easy to get finance would totally recommend to use if needing extra cash for Christmas
Liz Ezzy
05:59 26 Nov 18
Swoosh finance have been excellent and understanding when i have missed payments and needed a break from my repayments due to unforeseen circumstances. Customer service has always been good all workers were polite and understanding each time i have called>THANK YOU SWOOSH
steven beeson
05:06 26 Nov 18
Swoosh has been fantastic... highly recommend using this company... unlike others they are understanding and don’t rip you off!!
Kelly Scott
02:54 26 Nov 18
Swoosh finance have been excellent and understanding when i have missed payments and needed a break from my repayments due to having a baby. Customer service has always been good all workers polite each time i have called. Applying was simple and was approved the same day and money was in my account that night. Would highly recommend to anyone who is needing money fast.
Emily and her sis Patten
02:15 23 Nov 18
10:11 22 Nov 18
Kelly helped me with my application; absolutely nailed it and customer service was great! Even after struggling to navigate their website, Kelly and his team members made it super easy, quick and convenient. I’d 100% recommend this to anyone else; you eony regret it!
Maddy McClintock
04:46 14 Nov 18

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