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Can I finance against my car?

Yes. Financing against your car involves using your vehicle’s value to secure a loan. Lenders assess your car’s worth and use it to determine eligibility for a loan amount.


How do I get a loan against my car?

With Swoosh, you can apply in minutes and get a small loan against your car whenever you need it.


Is the loan process online or in-person?

Our process for a loan against your car is 100% online. You can apply 24/7 to borrow some quick cash through our simple application form.


How to check if a car has a loan against it?

You can check if a car is being used as security for a loan in Australia by looking it up on the register of encumbered vehicles.


Can I get a loan against my car for personal use?

Yes, Swoosh offers secured small personal loans. And you can use your personal loan for anything you like!


How long does it take to get a secured loan approval?

At Swoosh, most applicants receive approval within 1 business hour, provided they’ve submitted all the correct information.


What is the average interest rate for a secured loan?

The average interest rate for a secured loan varies depending on the lender, the borrower’s creditworthiness, and the type of collateral used. Secured loans often offer competitive interest rates because the collateral (i.e. vehicle) mitigates the lender’s risk. Always compare offers and Ts & Cs from different lenders to secure the best interest rate for your specific financial situation.


Does a secured loan hurt your credit?

Secured loans can impact your credit in both positive and negative ways. Initially, when you take out a secured loan, it might have a minor impact on your credit score. However, if you manage the loan responsibly by making payments on time, it can help to improve your credit over time. On the other hand, failing to meet your loan obligations can have a significant negative impact on your credit score.


Do you need a credit score for a secured loan?

Not necessarily. As a private lender, Swoosh is able to provide loans against cars to those with a bad credit score or no credit history by assessing their current financial situation and ability to repay the loan.


Can you pay a secured loan off early?

Yes, Swoosh lets you pay off your loan in full at any time! You won’t be charged an early repayment fee or any other additional fee for paying your secured loan off early.


Can I get a loan if I am a Centrelink customer?

As long as you have been regularly employed for 3 months and earn enough to service the loan, Centrelink customers are eligible for a loan from Swoosh.


Can I get the cash instantly?

Looking for instant cash? We offer PayID, which means that as soon as your loan is approved and you return the signed contract, you can have the money deposited directly into your bank account.


Swoosh Finance Star Rating Garry Capewell
My refinance loan application was very easy and straight forward to navigate and complete and the prompt response to the application was very pleasing, very professional and with a fast turn around. Special mention going out to your staff member Coen for his prompt responses and professionalism in regards to my application.😊
Garry Capewell
Swoosh Finance Star Rating numi
My experience with Hannah and Kate was so great. They both helped me through with my application very respectfully and helped went through the steps to get me through to the final steps to assess my application. Swoosh. Finance is the best
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Helen T
Ally has been spot on with her responses! Super and fast and reliable via email. She has been helpful throughout my application. 10/10 would recommend asking for ALLY if you choose to go with Swoosh.
Helen T
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Nai “Friszy01” Frisjina
My experience with swoosh has been a good one. Stacey and Cohen have been very helpful towards helping me applying for a loan. I would recommend this services to my friends and family. I would defiantly come back in the future. Thanks swoosh team you guys have been very helpful.
Nai “Friszy01” Frisjina
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Michael Higgins
Very happy with the help I got from the lady on the phone whose name was jade. Would like a bit more updates on the progress but all in all very happy with the people.
Michael Higgins
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Jo Naisbitt
Great experience with this finance company over the years. They always do everything they can to help you and the turn around is very fast. Coyen is super helpful and a pleasure to deal with. His impeccable customer service and friendly nature is an asset to your business. Keep up the great work Coyen and Swoosh.
Jo Naisbitt
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Brendan Hedges
I’ve had a very stressful week and when I needed help I went to swoosh finance and they were swift to give me the helping hand I needed, Jelena was especially super helpful with quick responses and made the whole process very easy. Will definitely go through swoosh again 👍
Brendan Hedges
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Kaitlyn Rea
Jelena was great to deal with she was professional and made it all easy to understand. Would definitely recommend these guys again! ❤️
Kaitlyn Rea
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Dino Mcpherson
Olivia was very helpful. Kept it simple for me to understand. Responded to my replies within minutes. 10 out of 10 for being professional and straight forward with what I needed to do. Have a good day!
Dino Mcpherson
Swoosh Finance Star Rating Graham Cowley
I would like to thank Kate for her help today much appreciate her effort. She is very easy to deal with and very helpful. Thank you
Graham Cowley

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