13 (Legal) Ways to Get Fast Cash When You’re in a Bind

So the car broke down… unexpectedly, like always. Or perhaps you may have been in a little fender bender that happened to be your fault. Or you ended up in the emergency room after tripping during a morning run. Facepalm. All of those little accidents or issues in life that creep up can mean dishing out extra cash you might not have at the time. Rather than stick it on a credit card, you might look into any of the following ways to get cash fast in a bind.

1. Sell your stuff

One of the easiest and quickest way to make some extra cash in a bind is to sell your stuff. Whether you just hold a garage sale or you put stuff up on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, it’s a great way to bring in some much-needed cash fast.

2. Be part of a focus group

make some extra cash in a bind focus group

Find out what the local market research companies are in your town, and then sign up to be on either the weekly emails or just on the list of potential participants. Sometimes just a quick call to a market research company and seeing what studies are available that week could result in a quick $50-100 in one evening. You are given the cash on the spot (most of the time), and it only takes up about 30-90 minutes of your time.

The only downside is you usually can’t participate again for at least six months. So whilst it might be good to make some extra cash in a bind, it’s not a long term prospect. That said, you could find all of the companies so you can hop around as needed.

3. Rent out a spare room

Have a nice guest room? Or even better, a finished basement with a private bathroom? Make some extra cash on a regular basis by renting it out for people on holiday or just popping through your area for an evening or longer. Check out places like AirBnB to set up your host account.

4. Rent out your belongings

Use a site like Rentoid to rent out your belongings for cash. For instance, if you happen to have a pretty great tool collection, you might be able to rent specific, unique pieces to people who don’t want to purchase them and just need it for one project. Or another case would be someone who wants to rent baby equipment rather than purchase it when either visiting a city or have guests in town. It could be a great way to make some extra cash in a bind, or to even build a regular income.

5. Babysit

make some extra cash in a bind babysitting

Most parents would love to hire a young, responsible adult to watch their kids, especially over longer periods of time like a weekend. Thanks to places like Care.com you can easily advertise yourself to local families. Or if you know a network of family friends who have kids and might use a sitter, then try starting there. Once word gets out that you’re good and available, you might be surprised to find parents fighting over you!

6. Do odd jobs

If you are lucky enough to be handy with tools, then you’re in luck. You can make some quick cash by helping out neighbours, friends, family and more utilising your skills. Things like painting, fixing a broken item in the home, cleaning gutters or even more complicated jobs such unplugging a drain are things people will gladly pay someone to do. There are places to advertise online such gumtree.com.au, airtasker.com and make some extra cash in a bind.

7. Participate in medical research

Like participating in a focus group you will need to find the local companies that do paid medical research. However, unlike a focus group, these groups pay more per study. Usually it means at least one or two overnight stays or longer amounts of time available to see how you react to whatever they are studying. In addition, there are health requirements. But should everything align, then there’s a chance to make in the upwards of $1,000 or more for a few days or so of your time.

8. Become an Uber driver

make some extra cash in a bind uber

If you have a good, reliable car that people wouldn’t mind riding around in, then you might be able to become an Uber driver. It’s pretty simple to get started; check out the requirements and application process. Then you’re off and running once you pass the background check and vehicle inspection.

9. Be a mystery shopper

Who wouldn’t enjoy getting paid to shop? Register at a place like Retail Mystery Shoppers Australia, and then you can pick and choose which tasks you can take on so it works with your schedule. The task will outline exactly what you need to do, and after you are done then you will out a very detailed report.

10. Pet and/or house sitter

make some extra cash in a bind pet sitting

If you are good with animals and don’t mind staying at other people’s homes, then being a pet and/or house sitter might be an excellent way to earn some extra cash. Do some quick checking around to figure out the going rates or use sites like Pawshake or Aussie House Sitters to advertise your services. It could be a way to make some extra cash in a bind while you are just going about your daily lif

11. Clean houses

Another option that would involve getting the word out is cleaning homes for side cash. But once you get up and running you could bring in a decent amount of money each week, even if you only do it a few days a week. Might be a good idea to pair up with a buddy who needs the cash too to make it easier to get through houses faster. You can check airtasker.com for this as well or other odd job sites.

12. Sell scrap metal

There’s money in that junk — at least your metal junk. Cars, leftover copper piping or wiring, soda cans or even broken appliances all are something to think about when looking to turn metal into money. Google ‘scrap metal dealers’ to find your closest scrap yard and get rid of junk while making some extra cash.

13. Visit a pawn shop

Rather than waiting for a buyer, if you really need the cash, you could go the route of a pawn shop. There you can do one of two things:

1. Sell your item outright to the pawn shop, or

2. Actually pawn it, which means you are selling it temporarily to the shop with the option to pay back the item (in addition to interest, fees and charges).

Everyone knows there are times in life when you just need some extra cash and sometimes rather quickly, so if these methods take a little longer than you need, you might consider bridging the gap with a fast cash loan, which can get money in your hands within 24 hours. And then you can always use the above side hustles to pay back that loan and yourself.