Choosing between private and public schools is a big decision that could impact how well your children perform at school. As a parent, you always want what’s best for your children, which sometimes means making hard decisions that could impact on their future.
One of the biggest decisions a parent will make will involve your children’s education.

Private School vs Public School

School Size
Private schools tend to be smaller and thus have smaller classes than a Public school. This allows for children at private school to get more one-on-one attention with their teachers.
However with the larger numbers at a public school, there are more chances for children to make friends.

School Cost
Of course the costs of going to a private school are a lot more than sending your children to a public school. This not only includes the fees (and some need to be paid upfront!) but also uniforms which are not so readily available from outside the uniform shop at the school. Analysis by Edstart shows that only 49 per cent of private school fees are paid with disposable income – the rest is raised by credit cards, mortgage redraw, loans, savings and family contributions. Is it worth going into debt for a private school education?

Another thing to consider with private schools is that in most cases, the schools are religious. In many private religious schools, opting out of religious education is not an option.

Past analysis has shown that private schools do not outperform public schools when socio-economic advantage is taken into account.


We think the best way to start is to find a school in your area, and from there you can see which one would best suit your child? We find this site very useful when comparing schools.

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Choosing Between Private or Public Schools