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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Ever wondered why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known as they are? 

The term ‘Black Friday’ was first used in an article published in the New York Times way back in 1870 in reference to the gold market collapse of 1869. However, it was later in the 1960s that police in Philadelphia took to calling the day of sales after Thanksgiving ‘Black Friday’, as they found it impossible to control the hordes of ‘doorbusting’ shoppers – a phrase retailers used to describe deals so good that shoppers would try and break down the front doors to get at them.

Black Friday officially kicks off in Australia on November 23, and Cyber Monday occurs on the  26th November. Most retailers though are running specials over 2 weeks during this time which will definitely help alleviate the 2 day chaos!

Black Friday is the biggest online sales event of the year, with thousands of retailers and manufacturers offering heavily discounted items.
Even though the phenomenon originated in the US and aren’t exactly official sales in Australia, it hasn’t stopped them from becoming popular with both retailers and shoppers. Outside of Boxing Day sales, it’s the biggest event that sees retailers offer huge discounts on a plethora of items to lure in shoppers.


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