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17 Ways To Cut Down On Paper

Are you still getting letters in the mail from your bank each month? Here is a shocking statistic: 40% of the world’s logging goes into making paper! So reducing your paper usage can make a big difference. Also, using less paper can simplify your life. It’s easy to lose track of important bills in a stack of papers. Try these 8 ways to cut down on paperwork. You can simplify your life and save a few trees in the process.

1. Change your bills and statements to paperless

If you haven’t already, you can opt-in to receive statements and bills via email. Not only will this save paper, it will save the carbon emissions needed to get that piece of paper to your door. If you normally use the physical bill as a reminder that it needs to be paid, you can always print it on scrap paper and stick it on the fridge or set a calendar reminder.

2. Print double sided

An easy way to cut your paper usage in half? Print on both sides! We realise this isn’t always possible, so if you have to print single sided, keep the paper for use as scrap paper later.

3. Use scrap paper

Are you a fan of shopping lists? To do lists? There’s no reason they can’t be written on the back of your old uni assignment! Designate a scrap paper pile that can be reused for things that will eventually be thrown out. Plus, a shopping list written on the back of your old guitar sheet music is infinitely more interesting!

4. No junk mail sign

Whilst no junk mail signs will not completely stop unwanted paper in your mailbox, it certainly helps. Weekly catalogues are still quite common, so if you want to take a step towards cutting down your paper usage, this is an easy step.

Cut down on paper use: no junk mail

5. Say no to catalogues

As well as the junk mail that lands in your inbox, catalogues can sneak their way into your life in other ways. If you shop at ALDI, you will be offered a catalogue at the checkout. Say no and look at their specials online instead. This will also help you decrease your impulse buying.

6. Cancel your magazine subscriptions

Do you get a monthly magazine delivered to your door? Try seeing if you can swap to a digital edition. You can also opt out of things like RACQ magazine.

7. Reuse gift bags and wrapping paper

This tip is a money saver and a paper saver! Gift bags can easily be $3 – $5. Reusing gift bags is easy! Just keep them stored flat somewhere and whenever you are giving a gift you can see if you have one the right size. Reusing wrapping paper can be a little more difficult, but worth it if you are a hardcore paper saver.

8. Buy recycled paper

Recycled paper has come a long way. It used to be darker coloured and have a rough texture, but modern recycled paper looks and feels just like new paper. It has a much lower environmental impact and can often be cheaper.

9. Switch to E-books

One of the simplest ways to cut down on paper is to switch to an E-reader like a Kindle. E-readers like kindle have brought e-books into the mainstream. You can also read books on your phone pretty easily too.

cut down on paper: second hand books

10. Buy secondhand books

If you prefer the feeling of a real book, try buying them secondhand. There are a few advantages to buying secondhand

  • You are not contributing to the demand of new books.
  • It’s cheaper
  • A day out scouring used bookstores and thrift shops can be fun!

11. Get a whiteboard

Using a whiteboard for to do lists and shopping lists can be a great way to save paper, and it’s a great aesthetic too!

12. Eat in

Eating takeaway uses a lot of unnecessary packaging. If you are going out for a meal, make a night of it and reduce your paper and plastic waste at the same time.

13. Use less paper towels

Paper towels and single use cleaning wipes create a lot of unnecessary waste. Invest in some good quality tea towels and cleaning cloths for a more environmentally friendly approach.

14. Embrace digital storage

If you are looking for ways to cut down on paper, try storing important paperwork digitally. You can store important files on a hard drive or USB rather than printing. Having an efficient digital storage system means you won’t lose important documents

15. Use handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are absorbent and environmentally friendly alternatives to tissues. They come in a range of prints too, so you can accessorise.

16. Use recycled toilet paper

Toilet paper made from recycled material is way more environmentally friendly than regular toilet paper. It is just as durable and soft these days as regular toilet paper these days too.

17. Use old paper for mulch

Used paper doesn’t always have to go in the recycling bin. You can use shredded paper for mulch or bedding for your animals.

Getting creative with your paper and being conscious of just how much you are consuming is the first step to reducing your consumption, so well done! Reducing your paper usage is one way to be more environmentally conscious and also save money, which is a win-win.

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