It happens to everyone. The “oh crud” moment when you realise that a bill needed to be paid two days ago, and it didn’t happen. However, if chronic late payments are common for you, then you’re probably practiced in the ways to rationalise not paying a bill.

The hard reasons for not paying them are there, but don’t worry, we won’t totally focus on those as we present the list of best excuses for not paying a bill.

27. The check is in the mail

Yep, it’s the old stand by. You mailed your check out for a bill late, hoping it wouldn’t be cashed until you had the money in your account. Plan better next time.

26. I didn’t know I owed that much

In this day and age, you should be keep a careful eye on all your accounts online. There’s no excuse not to know exactly how much you’re spending.

25. I didn’t understand how the balance due is calculated

Before you open any credit accounts, always make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Don’t get stuck in a situation you can’t handle.

24. Fear of low account balance

This is just how it works. You get paid, you pay your bills. Sometimes that means you might have a low bank account balance for a few days until it starts all over again. You just need to plan for it rather than it being a surprise.

23. My roommate hasn’t paid me his/her half

Roommate situations can be tricky. But if the bill is in your name don’t let that get in the way of paying bills on time. It hurts you in the long run if you don’t pay your bills, so talk to your roommate pronto.

22. I ran out of checks

OK, in today’s world, there are so many other ways to pay than a check. Go online and get that bill paid!

21. I didn’t know I had to pay separately for utilities

Make sure you read your lease. If it doesn’t specify the utilities are included or if you had to turn them on, it’s on you.

20. I have no idea where the bill is

Again, electronic delivery is the best way to avoid these kinds of issues.

19. My roommate was supposed to pay it

Unless it is in the roommate’s name and you’re just answering a call from a creditor about it, don’t depend on someone else to pay bills in your name.

18. I accidentally threw the bill away

Doesn’t make the bill go away unfortunately. Make sure you sign up for online account access for all your bills, and it might be easier to have electronic bills.

17. I was out of town

Check your calendar and make sure you set up payments before you leave so you don’t miss a due date while you’re away.

16. I didn’t get paid

This stinks, of course, but that is why it’s important to set up a savings account to cover you in emergencies.

15. I am sick and unable to work

It is terrible if you are ill, especially if you are sick with a life-threatening disease, but again bills still come due. Don’t be afraid to make a call and try to work out a payment plan or some other solution with bill collectors.

14. I spent too much on Christmas

Unfortunately you can’t get December off from paying bills.

13. Protesting amount billed

It’s certainly important to call your credit card company or other creditors if you see an error, but you’ll still need to make minimum payments while you sort out the mess.

12. I am in the process of changing banks

Fine, but you still owe money. Another reason to get online access so it’s easy to update the bank account information.

11. My parents are going to pay it

Make sure you either have the money from them and pay the bill or that your parents send in the check for you. DON’T spend the money on something else.

10. I was in an accident

Accidents happen, and certainly let’s hope it’s not a major one where you were seriously hurt, but whatever has happened doesn’t mean bills aren’t going to need to be paid. However, if you call your creditors and explain the situation, it’s very possible they will be willing to work with you.

9. I just don’t have the money right now

Well, then make a phone call or get online, oftentimes you can change your due dates to coincide with your pay periods.

8. The due date isn’t when I get paid

See above.

7. My dog died

There it is, something about the dog! Unfortunately, companies don’t care about Fido’s death, and even though taking care of vet bills can be costly, it’s not a good reason to skip paying your bills.

6. I am out of work

This is a tough one, but if you call and talk with your creditors, it’s likely you can come up with a payment plan or changing a few due dates to ease your situation until you are back on your feet.

5. I just got back from holiday and can’t afford it

Hmm, probably shouldn’t be spending that much on a holiday or even going on one if it’s going to cause you not to be able to pay bills.

4. My internet is down

Go to the library. Use your phone’s data. Whatever it takes, but you still need to pay your bills.

3. I never got a bill

This issue can cause major credit issues for you if you don’t figure out what’s going on. Pay attention to your mail. Sign up for electronic delivery. If there is a problem or a bill actually got lost in the mail, catch it early.

2. I just didn’t want to pay it

Whelp. You can’t bury your head in the sand. You just have to sit down and hit send on the payment.

And… 1. I forgot!

OK, this happens to everyone once in awhile. Just make sure to pay as soon as you remember!

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