Finding the highest paying job in Australia can be more difficult than you thought. Unfortunately graduating from high school or completing your Bachelor of Arts doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a high paying job. Seek is the top website in Australia for job hunting. They have made your search for the highest paying job a bit easier, with their career advice of highest earning job types and industries. Feel free to browse their top earning categories here 

Below you will find an interesting salary trend from Seek.


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So if you would like to be a high earner, perhaps you should consider studying something in one of these fields? For help with your studies, apply for a fast cash loan .
It seems you can’t go wrong if you choose the IT, doctor or engineering fields.


1. IT Architect

Also known as a Data Scientist (or number cruncher!) , this job is responsible for analyzing vast amounts of data and turning it into valuable information and graphs for management to assess.
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2.  Engineer

Although the extent of your salary will depend on which area of engineering you work in (management or cloud engineering), you can expect to be very well paid for your hard work. One particularly lucrative field, for instance, is in oil, gas and energy, while chemical engineers and mining engineers do especially well Down Under.

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3. Doctor

Australia’s healthcare structure is constantly rated as one of the best in the world. Which doctor wouldn’t want to work here? Especially if you’re in the top earning bracket! Becoming a doctor is a very long and challenging process, but hard work definitely pays off. Some surgeons can make an income of over $350,000 per year!

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4. Lawyer

According to Payscale , the average attorney salary is $118,000. In Australia, you’ll spend a minimum of four years studying to become a lawyer. You’ll pursue one of two degrees: a Bachelor of Law degree a.k.a. LLB (4 years) or a combined LLB (5+ years). Well worth all the hard work though.

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5. Construction Manager

Tasked with supervising contractors on site, as well as working closely with other construction professionals and stakeholders (such as architects, surveyors and suppliers), construction managers have to balance an array of constantly moving parts in an industry that is notorious for its volatility.

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Australia’s highest paying jobs definitely don’t come easy, but if you think you have it in you to study and be on the list of high earners, apply for a fast cash loan now to help you get started.