Investing In Energy Efficient Whitegoods

///Investing In Energy Efficient Whitegoods

Replacing white goods and other big cost electrical goods around your home is never a fun or simple task. Your washing machine might have just died, or you might just the thinking of replacing a fridge before it takes all of the food inside with it to the afterlife. Even if you have an ancient dishwasher or air conditioner around that seems to be slowly losing, you should always consider the energy efficiency of your future purchases (particularly in the case of older items).

In this case, it’s a good idea to observe the energy rating that is attached to whitegoods and other big electrical goods. You would have likely noticed it at some point – the yellow sticker with the red stars demonstrating the unit’s power efficiency. In this blog, the team at Swoosh demonstrate why it’s worth spending that little bit more on an energy efficient model.

The introduction to the energy star rating

Before the energy rating was introduced in New South Wales and Victoria in 1986 (with other states to shortly follow), there was no indication of how efficiently electrical goods and white goods operated. The introduction of the measure was to ensure that consumers were aware of how much energy their good consumed, as this can factor significantly into power costs over the years. To demonstrate the importance of this scheme, in 1992 it became mandatory to label all relevant goods that used large amounts of electricity in Australia.

What does the star rating mean?

The energy star rating indicates the energy efficiency of a model is in comparison to similar models of the same size. For instance, the energy efficiency rating of a 700L fridge does not correspond to that of a 10kg washing machine, but rather it measures against other 700L fridges.

Originally, guidelines provided between 1 and 6 stars to determine energy efficiency, but new technology advances have allowed even greater energy efficiency than before meaning that an extra row has allowed for up to 10 stars!

How does this affect me?

Although some of these energy efficient products are more expensive than their less efficient counterparts, energy efficiency does pay off in the long run. Items like fridges can be used for decades if properly used and serviced, so paying a little bit more in the short term can lead to tangible savings in the long term. If your house is filled with energy efficient products, you’ll be seeing savings in no team. Plus, if you need to sell these items for any reason, they’ll be a lot more attractive to buyers because of the energy rating.

In addition to saving yourself some money in the long-term, energy efficiency also translates to less fossil fuels being burned to create electricity. If everyone made the move to more energy efficient appliances and whitegoods, we could be seeing a lot more carbon dioxide being released into the air in the future – and all this for just a few dollars extra!

Start becoming more energy efficient today

If you’re looking for your next big whitegoods or electrical purchase, the team at Swoosh wholeheartedly recommend energy efficient products. Not only will you be saving yourself money in the long run, but you’ll be doing your bit for the environment without having to lift a finger!

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