If you didn’t take your 20’s seriously, your 30’s is when life gets real.

Your 30’s is an important phase in life where you set the pace for what might be regarded as the second half of your life before you retire from working. Mortgages, marriage, children, and positions of leadership replace rent and late nights with friends.

Once you reach your 30’s, living paycheck to paycheck should be a thing of the past. With each new raise you receive, you shouldn’t be increasing your expenses. Instead, you need to save even more.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to save for Retirement. Most Australians will retire with savings thanks to the government’s insistence on participation in the compulsory superannuation system. However, for some people, super and the age pension may not be enough at retirement.

An emergency savings account is important to your financial security because it acts as a cushion to meet some of life’s unexpected expenses. An emergency fund is simply a liquid savings account that you store money in for emergency expenses that aren’t accounted for in your budget — such as sudden car repairs, home maintenance expenses, and medical emergencies. It shouldn’t affect your usual monthly savings account. Here are a few money-saving tips to help you reach your goal

Your 30’s is the time to advance your career. In your 20’s, you developed a marketable skill. Now it’s time to apply that skill to increase your earnings.

Pay off your non-mortgage debt. so you’ll enter your forties focused on building your nest egg for the future—not paying off bills from your past.


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