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Top 7 FREE Alternatives to streaming services in Australia

Remember the days of truly Free to Air TV? When you had to wait a whole week in between episodes? Remember putting on a timer to record your favourite show because you had to go out that night?

However painful that may have been, at least it was free. With Netflix, Foxtel, Apple TV, Disney+ and Stan (only to name a few) trying to sneak onto your direct debit, do you wish there was an alternative? A utopian land of great TV, at your fingertips that you didn’t have to pay for?

Alternatives to netflix

Well, wish no more because no matter what anyone else tells you, there are alternatives (8 of them actually). Disclaimer – the list below may not give you access to the latest season of The Crown or Stranger Things, it still packs a big (entertainment) punch.

7 Plus

Thanks to Free-To-Air TV, you already know the wide selection of programs available on Channel 7. Now imagine if you could take control and watch it where you want it, whenever you feel like it? 7 Plus has something for everyone in the family, from classics like One Tree Hill, to Family Guy plus a decent selection of movies too.

9 Now

Missed the whole house reveal of The Block? Fear not, with 9 Now, you can catch-up on all those golden TV moments at your fingertips. In addition to catch-up TV, it also has an amazing library of Aussie classics like McLeod’s Daughters, addictive reality show like Keeping Up with The Kardashians, or documentaries such as Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.

10 Play

Imagine a rolling buffet (or a Sushi Train) or Bachelor, Bachelorette and Masterchef? In addition to bucket loads of free entertainment, you can also access replays of local and international news, plus any sport that you may have missed.

alternatives to netflix swoosh finance

ABC iView

ABC iView gives you access to all ABC channels. Whether you’re after ABC News, ABC Comedy or looking to keep the kids entertained with ABC Kids. A free account will give you access to a wide range of critically acclaimed local and international content for the entire family.


If you are a movie buff and have always wondered about the place of libraries in the world of Kindle, wonder no more! Kanopy is a unique streaming service that has partnered with public libraries and universities to bring you free access to thousands of ad-free films and series. So, if you’re a uni-student or have a library card, Kanopy might become your next best friend.

SBS on Demand

SBS On Demand claim to have sorted through the vast array of content to bring a library of must watch in your lifetime. We know it’s a hefty promise, but with an impressive library of world movies and award-winning series, SBS On Demand is a gold mine, available for (yes you guess it) FREE.


If you have an exploratory nature and don’t mind digging out for hidden gems that no one has heard of, Tubi is where you should be looking. Launched a year ago in Australia, this free streaming service has thousands of movies and series that you may have never heard of. If you are feeling adventurous, this might not be a bad place to start. Did we mention it’s free?

However, if you can’t do without Disney and thrive on the lunchtime conversation about the latest Netflix series, you have a myriad of streaming platforms to choose from. And if you need a little help with footing up your entertainment bill, you can always apply for a Swoosh Cash Loan today.