Trying to cut down on your monthly expenses? Why not start on your grocery bill?
Here are a few tips to help bring your grocery expense back under control without having to resort to eating baked beans on toast.


Plan Ahead
Shop with a shopping list
Take a look in your pantry / fridge / freezer to see if what you have left, you can turn into a meal
Plan what you are going to be eating that next week

Exchange name brand to home brand
They basically have the same ingredients in each of them.

Reduce Waste
Buy only what you will use and where possible, buy non-perishable alternatives (frozen vegetables tend to have more nutrients in them these days than fresh ingredients)

Don’t shop hungry
You’ll be tempted to make poor food choices and buy food items that you don’t need.

Don’t shop with kids
Some of us don’t have a choice

Shop Online
You can use the same list every week and you will know exactly what each item costs (instead of getting a big fright when you see the final till slip!)

Eat Less Meat
It’s a known fact that meat makes up most of our grocery budget. Why not try less meat or even vegan meals (most of these have more nutrients than actual meat!)

Needs vs Wants
Supermarkets are designed to tempt you to spend.  Before you reach out and grab something that wasn’t on your list, ask yourself – Do you really NEED it?

Buy in bulk
You might need more money upfront but buying in bulk definitely works out cheaper in the long run.

Cook in Bulk
When you cook in bulk, you save money as it stops you from stopping at the shops more frequently that you need to. It also helps you to rather buy in bulk.