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11 ways to keep busy this weekend in lockdown

There is no denying the fact: Lockdown has redefined our weekends. Australians love to be outdoors, spend time with friends and family and visit the local watering hole for a beverage. And whilst new cases are slowing down, it is still important to observe social distancing. So we’ve compiled a list of 11 fun things you can do this weekend whilst still keeping yourself and everyone else safe and healthy.

#1 Stretch your legs

While we are sticking to social distancing it is still ok to get out for some exercise! Plan a new walking route, get out to your local park lands or explore your neighbourhood. Walk down a street that you’ve always wondered where it goes. Just make sure to avoid busy areas and keep your 1.5m distance. Make sure you wash your hands when you get home if you’ve touched any surfaces like benches or handrails. This article contains a story about a family that was disappointed about missing their annual fun run, so they plotted their own 5km course and even made participation medals!

#2 Get Crafty

With more free time than ever this weekend, now is the best time to start a new hobby or DIY project. Maybe you have a sewing machine you’ve been neglecting. Many people are also using this time to get stuck into home renovations. You could rearrange your furniture, or make yourself a zen study or reading nook. If you find yourself lacking materials you can get creative. With just a spare skein of wool or yarn, you can try macramé or knitting.  And if you are really stuck for cash and materials, origami requires nothing but paper and patience.

#3 Discover cultural activities online

Many iconic museums – including the Louvre and the Vatican – are offering virtual tours online. This link leads to a list of some of the most famous museums in Europe that are offering virtual tours.

The louvre
The louvre is among many museums that offer virtual tours


Other pass-time options available online include 360-degree tour of vacation havens, virtual tours of national parks and tourist spots, zoo-streaming or plunging virtually into an aquarium. Some 360 tours of national parks, such as this one of Yosemite National Park, are absolutely breathtaking.

#4 Learn a new skill

Many shortcourses are offered online and can be done in a weekend. You can even find a range of tutorials for useful things on YouTube. Try looking at Udemy or Skillshare for cheap short courses. You can also find plenty for free. Take a tour of photoshop or other creative software, learn about social media marketing – literally anything!

#5 Learn an instrument

It might be time to dust off that guitar in the corner and get serious about practising! Many musicians have found themselves without income and are now offering online lessons! On top of that there are many apps and online resources that you can find to teach yourself. And next time you find yourself getting together with friends and family, you can surprise them with a song!

man wearing leather bracelets playing guitar near a window
There are many options for learning instruments online


#6 Learn a new language

Always wanted to hablar espanol? Now is your chance! There is a range of free apps for your phone, podcasts, learning websites that can start you on the path to being bilingual in no time! You could even get yourself a chat buddy to practise online.

#7 Try streaming your live entertainment

And we’re not talking about Netflix! Many famous and local musicians are doing virtual concerts from their home and live streaming on Facebook and Instagram. There is so much choice you can practically recreate a music festival from the comfort of your own home. Try searching the hashtag #togetherathome

#8 Get creative in the kitchen 

With many bars and restaurants closed, now is the best time to get creative in the kitchen. Try a new recipe, make a new meal plan for healthy eating, use an ingredient you’ve never tried before! You can even challenge yourself by making staples such as bread and pasta from scratch.

#9 Get stuck into the garden 

You can catch up on the weeding, make an idyllic outside area or plant a veggie patch. There are many plants that you can regrow using kitchen scraps.  Having fresh produce at home is a great way to stretch your food budget. Now is the perfect time to take care of the jobs you’ve been putting off and build yourself a perfect little garden paradise at home. Spending time in the garden getting back to nature can also help ease anxiety.

seedling help up under roots with smiling woman in the background
Getting your hands dirty in the garden can be a great stress reliever

#10 Host a virtual party

Using apps like Zoom and Skype, you can catch up with the family or host a virtual party! There are even apps like Houseparty that allow you to play games with friends from afar. You can plan a weekly meetup with friends at the same time each week. Using video apps rather than just voice calling can help keep that sense of connection of a face-to-face encounter. It’s important to stay connected and have things to look forward to each weekend.

#11 Clean out the garage

Stay with me on this one! De-cluttering is a great feeling and can free up space for other things. You can turn your garage from a storage space into a workspace or a workout area. And all those jobs that you complain you never have time for – now you do! They say change is as good as a holiday, why not try mixing up your decor? Need somewhere to get started – try the series Tidying up with Marie Kondo for inspiration.


With life slowing down for a lot of people there is no better time to get back to doing things that you love this weekend, whether it’s forgotten hobbies, taking the time to read a book or spending quality time with the kids. Lockdown could be a blessing in disguise. And if all else fails, there is always Netflix!

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